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Ceiling Fan Installations in San Antonio, TX

Sometimes your air conditioning just doesn’t keep a certain room cool enough, especially when the heat is grueling outside. It's at those times that you need another cooling source to supplement your AC. The perfect choice is one or more ceiling fans. Our company's commercial and residential electricians are skilled in ceiling fan installation, repair and replacement.

The area where we live and work is known for its mild winters and relatively hot summers. A new ceiling fan is versatile enough to use year-round, because it circulates cool air in the summer and redistributes warm air in the winter. This fact makes requesting a ceiling fan installing service from our crew a necessity for most homeowners. If you hate that stuffy and stale feeling in a room because of stagnant air any time of the year, have our professional handle installation of your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans San Antonio, TX

Your Full-Service Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring Electricians

Your home's electrical system supplies the power that cools and heats your home, so it's vital for your ongoing comfort. As such, you probably only want an individual or team with ceiling fan wiring electrical experience, knowledge, and skill to perform certain electrical-related services, such as those involving a ceiling fan wiring. You are assured of quality workmanship that follows all local and state electrical codes when you hire our professional electrician for all your ceiling fan wiring services.

A ceiling fan can't replace a central air conditioning system or even a room air conditioner, but it can help it out immensely. The fan's rotating paddles move slower than those of a desktop or floor model, so they efficiently move cool air down and outward. A ceiling fan also does a great job of moving warm air during the winter, too, so it helps you control indoor climate while improving your home's energy efficiency.

Are you building a new home or remodeling the one you already own? Along with their comfort benefits, ceiling fans are also a great choice for updating your home's interior. There are a variety of models that enhance living rooms, dens, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. We recommend that you buy a new ceiling fan and see the difference it will make in a room.

Ceiling Fans San Antonio, TX

Ceiling Fan Installation for Improved Comfort

Ceiling fan wiring and Installation of any electrical device can be difficult, especially to the inexperienced. Safety is essential for any type of electrical installation to avoid the possibility of shocks. If you've recently purchased a ceiling fan and are struggling with installation, contact us for affordable ceiling fan installation.

No matter what style or type of fan you purchased, our highly experienced and knowledgeable electrical technicians can assist you with anything concerning a ceiling fan in residential properties. We follow an efficient process that makes sure your fans are properly installed and safe to use. From turning off the power to the room where it will go and assembling the paddles to checking for wobbling after everything is in place, we do a complete job.

Jump-Start Your Device with Ceiling Fan Repair

Is your ceiling fan not operating correctly? Will it not turn on no matter what you try? A broken ceiling fan isn't much good to you if it can't circulate air. When it comes to electronics, including ceiling fans, a lot of issues can arise. From damaged wires to corroded connections and even bad installation, we can remedy and resolve your issue with ceiling fan repair.

Many fans hum for a number of reasons. For this type of problem, we can replace the control with one that has an anti-hum feature. All of them also wobble a little, but major wobbling is another common problem that arises in these mechanical devices.

Often the problem is with the electrical box because it doesn't have the proper rating for fans. If that is the issue, we'll replace it with an approved electrical box. Sometimes the problem is with the fan's support hardware, in which case we'll tighten bolts and screws to restore stability to the fan. Common signs that your ceiling may need repairs include:

  • Broken or Missing Pull Chains
  • Loose Wiring
  • Noisy Operation
  • Power Issues
  • Wobbling

Ceiling Fan Replacement That's Fast & Easy

Depending on how much you use it, your faulty ceiling fan may be beyond repair. Eventually they will need to be updated or replaced. While some electricians do either installation or repair, we provide complete ceiling fan electrical service, including ceiling fan replacement. After you purchase a new and improved fan, call us to put it up for you. Our residential electricians are knowledgeable about all types and styles, so whatever you buy, we can install it for you.

We don't just do replacements for faulty fans. For your residential remodeling project, you may decide that you want to add ceiling fans to your rooms, or to update to newer models. We help you create the look you want by handling the installation of these fans throughout your home.

Contact us for services that make your ceiling fans fully functional. We serve San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Boerne and Kerrville, as well as all of the surrounding areas.

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