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Accent Lighting in San Antonio, TX

Accent lighting in homes help to create a simple, yet striking, visual and aesthetically pleasing appearance for any interior space. Accent lighting allows a homeowner to showcase a favorite piece of art or an interior area with indirect lighting fixtures. This creates bold shadows and sharp contrasts, and greatly improves the beauty of any room.

Additionally, accent lighting helps to create visual cues for our eyes and a focal point for any room. If you have a painting that no one has ever noticed, simply adding an accent light can make it appear more visually stunning than a painting under bright directional lighting.

If you want to make the interior spaces in your home more visually stunning, then contact us and ask about the accent lighting options that best suit your residence.

We will send a highly skilled and knowledgeable residential electrician to your home who is capable of installing a wide variety of different accent light fixtures and design options. From your basic surfaced or recessed ceiling lights to pendants and chandeliers, we can assist you with your accent lighting needs. Ask about our new line of LED recessed lighting and LED undercounter strip lighting.

Specialty Lighting Sets the Atmosphere

Our exceptional accent lighting services routinely create dramatic effects. However, our highly skilled and professional residential electricians also provide specialty lighting services. Our electrical contractors aren't your typical electricians, as you will see when you take one look at our credentials:

Cedia Certified Designer | Certified CAD and D-Tools Design System | Designs and Engineering
Leviton Integrated Network Certified Installer | Sencore Certified ISF Level Video Calibration
Sencore Certified HA Acoustical Calibration | Lutron Preferred Vendor
Lutron RadioRA Lighting Control System Certification | Lutron RadioRA lighting Control Designer Certification

Accent Lighting San Antonio, TX

Accent Lighting San Antonio, TX

Custom Light Designs for Your Home

Illuminate your home with custom light designs. Our professional electricians have the training, equipment, and creative intuition to help you illuminate the favorite spaces in and around your home. Custom light designs create value for your property by highlighting its special features. Whether you wish to illuminate prized landscaping elements, or create a dramatic effect in your home theater, our electricians expertly place lighting fixtures that proudly display your home’s distinct features.

Set the mood with custom light designs and impress your guests. From the artistic to the practical, these light designs create a warming, more welcoming atmosphere throughout your home. When you work with us, your design options are limited only by your imagination. Simply consult with our electricians to achieve an atmosphere that is unique to your home.

Hot Trend Alert—Accent Wall Lighting

Improve the functionality and visual appeal of your home with accent wall lighting. These fixtures have been gaining popularity for their adaptability and wealth of design options. Create a more comfortable space within your home with this versatile lighting option.

Accent wall lighting has many uses, all of which are creative and practical. Let our experienced electricians install them along your hallway or stairs to create safety lighting. Or, we can place them in a room of your choice to create a certain atmosphere for your guests.

Of course, this lighting option creates a mysterious radiance when you incorporate it into your landscaping. Accent wall lighting makes a wonderful complement to stone walls. The light rays bounce and reflect along the curvatures of your stone wall, which creates a unique pattern of light and shadow that impresses neighbors and passersby.

Bright LED Lights on Natural Stone Walls

Enhance the inherent beauty of your patio, porch, or outdoor recreation area with lights on natural stone walls. Harnessing the adaptability of accent lighting, our outdoor light design services make spending the night under the stars just as comforting as a night indoors. The contrast of light and shadow against your home’s more natural features will spark pleasant conversation between you and your guests. Whether you wish to highlight a specific portion of your home or create an elaborate design, our electricians work with you to realize your vision.

Experience the elegance of light at an affordable price with LED lights. We use LEDs in our custom designs for their brightness, intensity, and energy-efficiency. Due to their versatility, LED lighting provides an economical foundation for creating the designs you want.

If you'd like more information on our specialty lighting services or if you need additional information on our accent lighting services, contact us with your questions, concerns, or inquiries. We provide same-day service and emergency 24/7 electrical repairs. We also provide military discounts and senior citizen discounts. Customers interested in saving money can also qualify for $25 off of any service equal or greater than $200.

Contact us today to request an estimate for any of our affordable services. Mister Sparky provides specialty lighting services and accent lighting in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding communities, including Alamo Heights, Boerne, Comfort, and New Braunfels.

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